Tornado potato spiral - US$70 each Uncooked Tornado Chipdogs Tornadoes uncooked with meat sausage inside - tornado chipdogs - tornado chip cutter also for chip dogs.

Potato Chip Cutters - Since 2003 (specials 2014)

Southern hemisphere Summer special price - Sept 2014 to 28 February 2014 - not only in South Africa, but also the rest of the world. The Tornado Potato chip cutters(Spirals) ==> now ONLY US$70/EUR57 for the smaller Chirr-Chirr and US$99/EUR79 for the original spiral cutter. PayPal accepted for speedy transactions.

Catering Equipment 4 All, with the experience of selling Tornado Potatoes for the last 9 years decided to enhance our range with the smaller stainless steel/aluminium potato cutter.
After more than 1 year, in the field testing of this new cutter, we can also extend our 2 YEAR part replacement WARRANTY to this new cutter.

Proofing that our stainless steel/ Aluminium spiral cutters are the way to go for the commercial market - we DISCONTINUED ALL PLASTIC MODELS(they did not pass our strict test phases).

Points to Ponder on our units:

  • We manufacture cutters in our own workshop - in South Africa
  • Rugged and Commercial kitchen proof (NO Plastic).
  • Manual cutting for powercuts
  • Electric compatable(with drill not included)
  • Cutting takes a few seconds, the deep frying takes minutes
  • No loose bits, hot water to wash/Dishwasher safe.
  • No loose bits, hot water to wash/Dishwasher safe.
  • We DO NOT sell loose blades, because the original stainless steel blade will last.(2 year warranty).
  • Use our Tornado cutters to also make Tornado Dogs/Chipdogs/Tater dogs
  • No franchise fees - you keep your profits

  • For the 'USE YOUR OWN COURIER' option:
    Weight for 1 spiral = 1.6kg
    Dimensions for 1 spiral = 38x19x15cm
    Weight for 2 spirals = 3.1kg
    Dimensions for 2 spirals - 38x30x19cm
    Weight for 4 spirals = 6.2kg
    Dimensions for 4 spirals - 38x37x27cm

    US$70(EUR57) Chirr-Chirr Tornado Potato cutter

    Cuts the same size potato as the original spiral cutter(seen below). This new model got a smaller footprint and can be attached to a solid surface easier. Ideal for mobile food trailers/kitchens.
    With a better price, note the following: - Slight chirr-chirr sound when turning and the original spiral cutter operates easier than the Chirr-Chirr when NOT attached to a solid surface.

    Country Unit Price Insured Airmail/Postage Price Total PayPal amount
    Anywhere in World US$70 YOUR Own Couriers to come and Collect US$70
    see Country List US$70 US$39 US$109
    Europe only EUR57 YOUR Own Couriers to come and Collect EUR57 (Euro)
    see Country List EUR57 EUR30 (Only to countries within Europe) EUR87
    Photo: Chirr-Chirr Tornado Potato spiral cutters and my white cat

    Please note below: 'With your own Courier' or 'With Insured Airmail'

    PLEASE FORWARD YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER with the address for the paperwork.

    1 Chirr-Chirr Tornado cutter - USD
    1 Chirr-Chirr Tornado cutter - EUR


    US$99(EUR77) Tornado Potato spiral cutter

    The Original spiral potato cutter, since 2003.

    Only EUR79 / USD99 - then add insured airmail from the list of countries below OR use your own trusted courier to collect from ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

    Country Unit Price Insured Airmail/Postage Price Total PayPal amount
    Anywhere in World US$99 YOUR Own Couriers to come and Collect US$99
    see Country List US$99 US$55 US$154
    Europe only EUR77 YOUR Own Couriers to come and Collect EUR77 (Euro)
    see Country List EUR77 EUR35 (Only to countries within Europe) EUR112

    Please note below: 'with your Own Courier' or 'with Insured Airmail'

    PLEASE FORWARD YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER with the address for the paperwork(Postage or courier collection).

    1 Original Tornado cutter - USD
    1 Original Tornado cutter - EUR

    Country List:

    (We post our Tornado Potato chip cutters with Insured Airmail via the South Africa Post Office ONLY to countries in the following list):

    Aegean Sea, Alaska, Andora, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chagos Arch, Cocos Islands - Keeling Islands, Crete - Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Dodecanese - Greece, Eire - Ireland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hawaii, Holland(Nederland), Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Macao - Macau, Madeira - Atlantic Ocean, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Norfolk Island - Pacific Ocean, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Reunion - Indian Ocean, Rhodes - Greece, Seychelles - Indian Ocean, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom - UK, United States of America - USA, Virgin Islands (British) - Wes Indies, Virgin Islands (US) - Wes Indies, Zambia, Zimbabwe

    Please note each country have their own import/customs duties, not included here.

    WE ALL Photo: hart to show we love tater tornado potatoes - we also love the price.TORNADO POTATOES. We love the potato taters - deepfried in oil

    When you receive your commercial stainless steel/aluminium tornado spiral cutter from us, with no franchise fees, you basically get free instant access to the world of small businesses.

    We are the Tornado Potato cutter manufacturer, since 2003, so no middlemen when you buy.

    Johan Welgemoed Management Services CC t/a
    CC Reg. Number: CK1999/062054/23
    Vat Reg. Number: 4530189069
    Customs export number: 20860299

    Please contact us with any questions:
    Email -
    or give us a call:
    Johan: +27 83 571-2699 (Voice/Text/Sms) - If my phone is turned off during sleeping time, please email/sms.